Jack Spooner made the most of roving access at Silverstone this year to check out the views from different grandstands. Here’s his videos and analysis of the best places to watch the action at the home of the British Grand Prix.

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A slow corner and a good spot to see overtaking moves because of the DRS zone down the Wellington Straight. Because the track is wider here you may also see cars going side by side through Brooklands and into Luffield like we did with Hamilton and Bottas this year.

Woodcote A & B

Woodcote A (above) was by far my favorite grandstand of the three in this section. Here you get everything Luffield has to offer with additional views down the Wellington Straight. Woodcote B (video here) is another solid choice. You’re denied a view of the DRS zone on Wellington Straight, however, here you can see all the way down the old start finish where the cars blast towards Copse.

International Pits Straight

This was only one grandstand in 2019, but is being split into two sections (IPS & IPS North) for 2020 to accommodate a new trackside hotel that’s current under construction. IPS will closer to the final Club corner and IPS North is further down the straight towards Abbey. From IPS you will have a good view of the start grid, pits and podium. Most places in the stand allow you to see all the way down to Abbey except, however, from at the back, right side where the construction of the hotel limits your view of the first corner. As IPS is a temporary stand they could easily address this problem by moving the stand closer to the track and allowing you see around the hotel (we’ll have to wait and see if they do).

Club Corner

One of the best grandstands at Silverstone, with a price tag to match. Here you can see Vale, Club, the start grid, pits and podium. Vale is an interesting corner as it’s a very tricky one for drivers to get right. There’s a small crest before the track slopes down making it easy to lock a wheel. This year we saw a great example of this when Vettel went into the back of Verstappen under braking. Done right, however, and it’s a possible overtaking area.

Copse A, B & C

A very fast, flat out corner with lots of run-off. Following cars through here is difficult so may not be the best place to sit if you crave overtakes. There isn’t much to separate Copse A (video above) and Copse B (video here) as both allow you to see down the National Pits Straight. Copse C (video here) is the least preferred of the three grandstands here, simply because it doesn’t provide the same views down the straight as the other two.


Another fantastic grandstand which is very popular with the fans. Becketts offers panoramic views of the track. You can see the cars from when they round the first corner, complete the village section and then disappear down the Wellington Straight. They emerge again on the entry to Maggotts at around 200mph, then it’s left-right-left, through Chapel and onto the Hangar straight.

Where’s your favourite place to watch the action at Silverstone? Comment below!