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2020 Malaysia MotoGP Tickets

  • Tickets for the 2020 Malaysia MotoGP event at Sepang are now available
  • 3-Day Hillstand (K2 or C2) tickets cost $13 USD
  • 3-Day Grandstand tickets cost from $22-81 USD. The most expensive Premier Roving tickets are recommended; they provide access to Main and F Grandstands, plus C2 Hillstand.
  • 2-Day Access (Saturday & Sunday) to the MotoGP Village with full hospitaity for $1251 USD.
  • Buy 2020 Malaysia MotoGP tickets here.

Where to watch the action at Sepang

There’s few bad spots at Sepang to watch the action. Most vantage points give you views over multiple corners. Recommended places to watch include the K1 Grandstand on the first corner and the Main Grandstand. Grandstand F and the C1/C2 Hillstands are also good – but a long way from the rest of the trackside activities, which takes place near the Main Grandstand.

Visit the Sepang circuit page for more information about the home of the Malaysian MotoGP, including videos, image gallery, information about how to get to the circuit and advice on where to stay. Much of the information in the archived Malaysian Grand Prix Travel Guide on F1Destinations is also relevant for MotoGP.

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