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2020 Singapore Grand Prix Tickets

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  • 3-Day Grandstand Tickets = €217-984

Where to watch the action at Marina Bay Street Circuit

Being a street circuit, none of the grandstands in Singapore offer particularly good views. The best grandstands can be found in Zone 1, especially the Turn 2 Grandstand. At the cheaper end of the spectrum, the Bay Grandstand has excellent skyline views but poor trackside views. For General Admission views, we recommend Premier Walkabout Tickets that provide access to Zone 1, which has far less people than the other zones and some excellent vantage points on the best corners.

Visit the Marina Bay Street Circuit page for more information about the home of the Singapore Grand Prix, including videos, image gallery, information about how to get to the circuit and advice on where to stay. Learn more in the Singapore Grand Prix Travel Guide on F1Destinations.com.

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