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2020 Russian Grand Prix Tickets

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  • 4-Day General Admission Tickets = $76 USD
  • 4-Day Main Grandstand Tickets = $242-545
  • 4-Day T1 Grandstand Tickets = $151-212
  • 4-Day T2 Grandstand Tickets = $151-242
  • 4-Day T3 Grandstand Tickets = $136-145
  • 4-Day T4 Grandstand Tickets = $136-145

Where to Watch the Action at Sochi Autodrom

The views from the Main Grandstand are good; suited for first-time fans who want to see the pits action, race start and podium ceremony. Other recommended grandstands include Turn 1 and Turn 2. General Admission tickets only provide access to one small area of the circuit – better to go for a grandstand seat at Sochi Autodrom if you can afford it.

Visit the Sochi Autodrom page for more information about the home of the Russian Grand Prix, including videos, image gallery, information about how to get to the circuit and advice on where to stay. Learn more in the Russian Grand Prix Travel Guide on F1Destinations.

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