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Austrian Grand Prix Tickets

  • Buy tickets in confidence from our partners, Gootickets.
  • Save up to 20% with early-bird pricing until December 31, 2019
  • All tickets are sold for 3 days
  • General Admission tickets from €70
  • Grandstand tickets from €220
  • 3-Corner Grandstand hopping tickets from €250
  • Big screen TVs available from all grandstands

Where to watch the action at the Red Bull Ring

Unlike other F1 venues, the choice of tickets at the Red Bull Ring is pretty straightforward. You can choose from just three grandstands, plus General Admission. Price remain pretty much unchanged from last year, ranging from under €100 for the excellent 3-day General Admission tickets, less than €200 for the cheapest Grandstand tickets and up to €395-495 for the best pit-straight seats and the South West grandstand. The organizers also offer “three-corner grandstand hopping,” which has proved very popular; these tickets are some of the first to sell out.

Visit the Red Bull Ring circuit page for more information about the home of the Austrian Grand Prix, including videos, image gallery, information about how to get to the circuit and advice on where to stay. Learn more in the Austrian Grand Prix Travel Guide on F1Destinations.

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