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2021 British MotoGP Tickets

  • Tickets for the British MotoGP are now on sale
  • Three categories of grandstand tickets are available for either the weekend (3 days) or Sunday only;
    • Weekend tickets in the National Pits Straight, Copse A/B/C, Luffield and Woodcote A/B grandstand are priced at €186
    • Weekend tickets in the Becketts, Club Corner and Village A/B grandstands are priced at €154
    • Weekend tickets in the Abbey Grandstand are priced at €136
  • Weekend General Admission tickets cost €110. Friday, Saturday and Sunday only tickets are also available.
  • All grandstand and General Admission tickets include roving access to grandstands on Friday and Saturday, with seats only reserved on race day.

Where to watch the action at Silverstone

There’s no shortage of decent grandstand views at Silverstone and General Admission shouldn’t be discounted for those on a budget. Check out our video analysis of the best grandstands at Silverstone, which include Club Corner, Becketts and Woodcote.

Visit the Silverstone Circuit page for more information about the home of the British MotoGP, including videos, image gallery, information about how to get to the circuit and advice on where to stay. Much of the information in the British Grand Prix Travel Guide on our sister site F1Destinations is also relevant for MotoGP.

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