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Berlin E-Prix Tickets

Tickets are now on sale for the 2020 Berlin E-Prix. Once again, it’s a two-day event that also features the Greentech Festival. The Allianz E-Village is open on Saturday and tickets cost just €5 (buy here). The Berlin E-Prix takes place on Sunday, June 21.  Here are the ticket details:

  • Buy tickets here
  • Tickets are discounted by 20% until December 3.
  • Grandstand tickets (with entrance to the Allianz E-Village) are priced from €49-99
  • Entrance to the Allianz E-Village only is priced at €10

Preliminary Schedule for the 2020 Berlin E-Prix

  • Gates open @ 07:00
  • Formula E qualifying @ 11:45
  • 2020 Berlin E-Prix @ 16:00

Visit the Tempelhof Airport Street Circuit page for more information about the home of the Berlin E-Prix, including videos, image gallery, information about how to get to the circuit and advice on where to stay.

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